• I really learned a lot; I learned how to put a condom on correctly, what a dental dam is, what a female condom is, how to take care of myself, and to stay safe and to wear protection.

    Comments from Health Education Evaluation
  • I never knew that there were so many ways of being loved or even how to be loved until I started this program. Since being a client of Piedmont Care I have been embraced and been made to feel welcome and cared for.

    Comments from Health Education Evaluation
  • Thank you, again and again. I just wanted to let you all know that I thank you for everything you all have done.

    Comments from Greeting Card
  • I learned to keep a positive attitude, about life and on life with HIV and to strive always for life's best health and social. Ms. Moore's conversations are real and to the point and positive about living with HIV as a person. She expresses views that can inspire one to carry on even though the odds appear to be not so favorable. Her position is very valuable to this organization.

    Comments from Health Education Evaluation
  • Just a note to say your services were professional. I never thought I would be a client. I felt as though I was educated - being older - we know everything.

    HIV Testing Client
  • You have been instrumental in saving my son's life and my sanity! Thank you so much.

    Mother of Client
  • I love visiting Piedmont. They really care about not only the well being of the patient, but they really are 'down to earth' people and not too dedicated to work. They take the time out to see how you feel and that means a lot to a person like me!! Keep up the good work!! I'm proud to be here.

    Anonymous Comments & Suggestions Card
  • I want to thank you for everything you did for my nephew ... thank you for everything.

    Client Family Member
  • Thank you so much for accommodating my special needs. The office wheelchair makes getting around much easier for all of us.

    Client Family Member
  • I want to tell you that part of the discussion was how much the case managers are appreciated. The clients said they realized what a stressful job it would be. Also, one client openly talked about how much the therapy through Piedmont Care had helped her.

    Support Group Facilitator