25 Ways to Make a Difference

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    Get tested

    and encourage anyone you know who is sexually active to consider testing.

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    Offer your time and talents to serve those affected with HIV/AIDS.

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    Practice safe(r) sex

    Make healthy decisions in regards to your sexual health, and protect yourself against potential infection.

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    Use the Virtual Red Ribbon

    on your website or email signature.

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    See the Quilt

    The AIDS Memorial Quilt commemorates over 40,000 lives of those with HIV/AIDS.

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    Walk, run, or ride

    to raise funds and awareness for Piedmont Care.

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    Organize an event

    to raise funds for Piedmont Care.

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    Wear a Red Ribbon

    to show your support for people with HIV/AIDS and their caretakers, and for education and research leading to effective treatments, vaccines, or cures.

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    Donate a book or video

    about living with HIV/AIDS to your local library.

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    Purchase greeting cards and gifts

    from organizations like the United Nations and AmFAR, (The Foundation for AIDS Research) who donate to support the HIV/AIDS community.

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    Be a friend

    If you know someone living with HIV/AIDS, make the commitment to celebrate your friendship.

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    money or individually packaged food and personal care items to Piedmont Care.

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    Remember the holidays

    by donating gifts to children affected by HIV/AIDS.

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    Lobby your senators or representatives

    for increased funding for HIV/AIDS programs.

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    a World AIDS Day event.

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    Organize a food drive

    to support Piedmont Care's emergency pantry.

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    HIV/AIDS in your community. Encourage people to share their experiences and fears. Share information on safe(r) sex and personal protection practices.

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    to the Safe Haven Project, which creates and funds camps for children living with HIV/AIDS.

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    If you work for a large company, ask about matching-giving efforts.

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    in fundraisers for HIV/AIDS education and treatment.

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    Learn more about HIV/AIDS

    Free HIV trainings are available.

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    De-stigmatize HIV/AIDS

    Be open with friends and colleagues if you are positive, or if you know someone who is living with HIV.

  23. #23.


    Piedmont Care to speak to your organization, club, church, etc. about HIV/AIDS.

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    Lend a hand

    If you know someone living with HIV/AIDS, offer to rake leaves, mow the lawn, paint a room, or walk a dog.

  25. #25.

    Start a blog

    Write about your efforts and activities and invite others to share their stories.

Modified from The New York Times, December 1, 2006