Piedmont Care is committed to helping our clients access appropriate medical care. 

Dental Care
Dental services may be provided to clients with no dental insurance. Some dental services, such as cleanings, may also be provided for Medicaid clients if Medicaid does not cover that service.
Insurance Assistance
Piedmont Care can help clients maintain their health insurance coverage. Eligible clients may receive financial assistance with payment of insurance premiums, COBRA premiums, and/or medication copays and deductibles.
Those with HIV/AIDS are generally prescribed several medications that can be very expensive. Piedmont Care can help clients access drug assistance programs to cover all or most of the cost of their medicines, based on eligibility requirements.
Nutritional Supplements
Nutritional supplements can help those with HIV/AIDS maintain a healthy weight. In addition, nutritional supplements may help people tolerate powerful HIV medications. Piedmont Care may provide nutritional supplements for clients as recommended by a physician or other medical provider.
Outpatient Medical Care
Through our partnership with the Spartanburg Regional Health System Infectious Disease Clinic, comprehensive care is more readily available.
  • Mental Health and Counseling: Individual appointments and group sessions are available with a Mental Health Professional.
  • Nutritional Education: A nutritionist is available to address questions and concerns. Nutritional supplements are available at the clinic.
  • Primary Care: A Nurse Practitioner is available for appointments and walk-ins.
  • Specialty Care: Infectious Disease Physicians and a Nurse Practitioner are available to provide HIV care during clinic hours.