About Piedmont Care, Inc.

Piedmont Care is the nonprofit 501c3 organization providing HIV/AIDS care, prevention, and advocacy in Spartanburg, Cherokee, and Union counties of South Carolina. We are the only organization in our community 100% dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

More than 30 years into this epidemic, our clients still endure stigma and discrimination. Although progress has been close to miraculous in some ways, people living with HIV/AIDS are often afraid to seek the help they need for fear of ridicule, judgment, and isolation. This fear keeps impactful personal stories unshared, needs unsupplied, successes uncelebrated, and thanks unsaid. Fear keeps the community from seeking the education and tools they desperately need to prevent the spread of HIV.

HIV is preventable. Of the federal funds going to HIV/AIDS, only 5% are targeted for prevention. Your financial support allows us to offer prevention programs, as well as programs that provide life saving, life-enhancing medical care and support services to people living with HIV/AIDS. Your support helps Piedmont Care contribute to a culture that values education, awareness, compassion, and understanding – a culture that rejects fear.

Thank you in advance for the role you will play in providing a future of hope for a world without AIDS.

Tracey L. Jackson
Executive Director